Healing Through Unconditional Love

   After a sacred initiation by wild dolphins off the Kona Coast of Hawaii, Megan Leupold's  life path became known. As a clear channel of Dolphin Consciousness, it is her honored mission to speak for the Dolphins and share their messages of hope, love and guidance for humanity, as well as their unconditional support for Mother Earth in her transition.

The Dolphins and Whales are helping to birth a new Higher Consciousness within all of Humanity.
March 1-5, 2014 Kona, Hawaii
at the King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel

Event Price $999

Do you feel a deep connection to the Whales and Dolphins?  Would you like to deepen and understand your Soul connection and open a clear communication with the Cetaceans on a profound Spiritual level?  Then you cannot miss this powerful event.


It is our hope that the messages of the Dolphins channeled by Megan and found on this website will resonate with you and bring you Joy and Peace in your life. 

Megan is available for private readings with the Dolphins and offers regularly scheduled Dolphin Dialogues and Dolphin Lightworker & Atlantian Healer courses. 

To learn more about the beautiful messages from the Dolphins check the interesting pages of this website or contact Megan at 610-390-9208 or ozii@ptd.net